External Antenna Adapters

External Antenna Adapters

External Cell Phone Antenna Adapters

Improve reception with a cell phone antenna adapter or an external cell phone antenna. Find quality cell phone antenna adapters for all the major models.

Cell Phone & PC Card External Antenna Adapters

A cell phone antenna adapter enables you to connect an external cell phone antenna directly to your cell phone or cellular broadband PC Cards or HotSpot or Routers. Improve the reception of your Sony Ericsson, Novatel, Sierra Wireless, Pantech, UTStarcom, Audiovox, Nokia, Cingular, Sprint, Kyocera, Samsung, UTStarcom, HTC, LGIC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson wireless cellular devices with one of these cell phone antenna adapters and an external cell phone antenna. Also read How to attach an antenna to your cell phone.

Antenna Cable

Antenna Connector Types

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each PC Card or cell phone antenna adapter specifies a connector type (TNC, Mini-UHF or FME). These are the connectors that connect to an external antenna of the same type. For instance, if the cell phone adapter description indicates TNC Female, it will connect to any antenna with a TNC Male connector. If your antenna has a connector type that is different then what we have available, adapters are available for conversions.

NOTE: Newer Cellular Phones

Newer cell phones do not come with usable RF ports to enable connecting and external antenna too. Most of the phones we list are older phones. For newer phones, consider a powered amplifier such as the Wilson Sleek Signal Booster. The Sleek is a lower cost alternative to directly connecting an antenna to your device. We also have other Signal Boosters for Buildings as well as Vehicle Signal Boosters.

  • TS-9 Antenna Adapter with SMA Female Connector

    TS-9 Antenna Adapter With SMA Female Connector

    AlternativeWireless Antenna Adapters

    NOW ONLY: $19.99
    TS-9 Antenna Adapter with SMA Female connector. Fits devices like Hotspots and Home Phone Connects with TS-9 Ports. Requires cellular antenna (not included). Allows you to connect an external antenna or signal booster for better cellular reception...
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    NOW ONLY: $19.99