M2M 4G Internet Antennas/Boosters

M2M 4G Internet Antennas/Boosters

M2M Cell Signal Boosters & Antennas

m2m-atm-cell-booster-sm.jpgWe can supply a variety of M2M (Machine to Machine) cellular signal booster & antennas to improve the cell reception to your wireless processing and monitoring systems for vending machines, car or truck fleets and remote monitoring systems. The systems we carry are compact and effective.

Boosting ATMs & Vending Machine Cell Signal

Many of today's vending machines communicate by using cellular broadband modems. Many times machines are placed in areas where the cellular signal is weak. Sometimes the metal the machine is made of blocks cellular signal.

We can improve the cell reception to these these cellular broadband modems. 

Fleet Vehicles & Remote Monitoring Systems

m2m-fleet-vehicle-cell-booster-sm.jpgThese signal booster options are great for vending machines, ATMs, vehicle monitoring systems and remote location monitoring systems. Pretty much any place a cellular broadband modem is used.


Wilson Signal DataPro

The main advantage of the Wilson DataPro is it's compact size. The DataPro can be directly connected to a cellular data device such as a cellular modem or data card. An adapter specific to your data device is required to connect the DataPro to it. It is Wilson's first cellular signal booster developed specifically for Machine to Machine (M2M) installations. Designed to boost 800MHz /1900MHz CDMA or GSM.



Wilson Mobile Wireless Booster

The main advantage of the Mobile Wireless 3 Watt booster is that it is Wilson's strongest signal booster for vehicles and short range coverage. For cellular data devices, it should be used where the signal outside the structure is very weak. It does not require a direct connection to your cellular data device and communicates with cell towers at up to 3 watts of power. It can broadcast an improved signal to about 10 feet from the inside antenna depending on the signal strength coming from your service providers tower.

External Antenna Only Options

Sometimes just attaching an external antenna to your device can significantly to boost your signal. We offer a large variety of external antennas and device adapters to enable you to connect to your device.

M2M Video - A video guide to improving cell reception to M2M systems.

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Some M2M Signal Booster Options