Remote Cameras

Remote Cameras

Have a camera that uses a cellular service provider to transmit photos and video? We can improve the cellular reception to remote cameras for faster image transfer speeds. You can connect an external antenna to most remote cameras that have external antenna ports. You'll need to match the antenna cable connector to the connector type on your particular camera. Standard connector types are SMA, TNC, N and FME. Check your device's user manual or web site for connector type. You can also send us a picture of the connector along with the device's make and model and we can usually determine the type.

Powered Amplifier Options

If thw cell signal is really weak at your location, a better option for boosting the cell signal to your camera is an antenna and a powered signal booster. Of course, power (battery or AC) must be available at the camera site. Some signal boosters like the Wilson Sleek don't require a lot of power and many of our customers have used them powered by a marine battery with solar charger.

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us for help in configuring the right solution for you camera installation. Let us know the camera make and model as well as it's external antenna connector type.