Home Phone Internet Device Antennas Boosters

Home Phone Internet Device Antennas Boosters

Home Phone Connect Internet Devices give you all the benefits of a wired land line connection buy using cellular service (such as AT&T and Verizon) instead of a hard wired service from your local phone company. The devices work with your current wireless phones. The challenge of the Home Phone Connect is sometimes your home may be on the fringe of cellular service. We provide ways to boost the cell service to your Home Phone Connect.

Boost the cellular signal to your Home Phone Connect device by adding an external antenna. Add a powered amplifier for more help in remote locations away from a strong signal.

Attaching External Antennas

Some Home Phone Connects have common external antenn connectors such as SMA, TNC, N or Mini-UHF that enable you to connect an external antenna directly to them. Information about the connector type should be provided in the User Guide for your device or the manufacturer's web site. We also have screw on adapters that can convert these connectors to one that would match an antenna you require. Be sure and match your connector type to the antenna you purchase.

Some Home Phone Connects come with non standard external antenna ports. We have specific antenna adapters that plug into these ports. You'll need the external antenna adapter along with whatever cellular antenna you prefer. Start by finding your device below.

Need Help?

Need help determining just what you need to boost the signal to your cellular Internet device? Feel free to Contact Us. Let us know the make and model of your device and what type of help you need.

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