Verizon Jetpack 7730L Antennas Boosters

Verizon Jetpack 7730L Antennas Boosters

How To Boost The Cell Signal To A Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730L Hotspot.

Image of Verizon Jetpack 7730lImprove your Internet speeds by boosting the cellular signal to your Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730L. A stronger cell signal means faster Internet speeds. We offer a several different options to boost the cell signal strength to your 7730L hotspot device:

Attach A Cellular Antenna

You can increase the cellular signal to your 7730L a little bit by adding an external antenna. It is a low cost way to help increase signal strength. The 7730L has 2 small antenna ports located on the side (covered by plugs). We have an external antenna adapter (see products below) that connects to these ports and to an antenna. We offer a variety of other cellular antennas you can attach for buildings or vehicles.

Picture of Antenna & Hotspot Connectors

The 7730L Hotspot is a MIMO device that uses two antennas for a more reliable signal. Adding one external antenna to either port usually works fine. However, connecting two external antennas can work better by providing a more reliable signal.

*WARNING: The ports on the 7730L can be fragile. If you plan to connect and disconnect often, we don't recommend this option. It can wear on the port and possibly break it. If you plan to move your hotspot often and require removing and reattaching the antenna, we recommend using a cellular repeater type system instead (see a few systems below). This type system does not require a connection to your hotspot.

Powered Cellular Amplifier

A better option is a powered cellular amplifier. It works by taking the available wireless signal, amplifying it, then rebroadcasting it to and from your cellular device.

Cellular Repeater Type Systems

We highly recommend cellular repeater type systems that do not require a connection to your device. Consider systems like the weBoost Home 4G small area system, weBoost Connect 4G  or the weBoost Drive 4G-X Mobile System for a smaller, more portable option. These and other options are listed below.

Other Options

Below are other options to boost the signal to your Verizon MiFi. More powerful solutions can also boost the signal in larger areas within buildings and vehicles.

4G Signal

For boosting the 4G signal to your MiFi Hotspot, select a 4G signal booster. The boosters below all improve the cell signal for Verizon's 700MHz LTE 4G frequency as well as their 3G signal.

Here's a link to Verizon's website explaining how to enter the 7730L Diagnostic Menu to get signal readings.

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