Cellular Antennas

Cellular Antennas

The Right Cell Phone Antenna Can Make the Difference Between No Signal and Great Signal.

Picture of Cellular AntennasWe offer a variety of cellular antennas for your cellular signal improvement needs. We stock antennas for cars, trucks, homes, offices, large buildings and small. We sell antenna to connect to your device or antennas for cellular repeater systems. Not just for cell phones. Wireless antennas can improve the reception to your 3G or 4G USB Adapter, Hotspot, MiFi or Router. We offer antennas from weBoost, Wilson Electronics, Laird, Panorama, Larsen and others.

Mounting Options

We offer antennas in a variety of mounting options. We have Magnetic Mount Antennas, Hole Mount Antennas and Glass Mount Antennas. Find antennas for vehicle use in cars, trucks and RVs. For buildings, we have Pole Mount Antennas, Wall Mount Antennas and Ceiling Mount Antennas. Antennas for use in the home, office, warehouse and other fixed locations. We carry Omni-Directional Antennas for great all around use. For higher gain, we offer directional Yagi antennas. We carry multi-band as well as single band antennas. Whatever your cellular application requires, we have the right antenna.

We have signal improvement options for all the primary carriers. We have antennas for AT&T Wireless, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Nextel, SouthernLinc and others.

Need Help? Feel free to contact us for expert advice on the right cellular antenna your system requires.

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