WilsonPro 70 Commercial Building Repeater Systems

WilsonPro 70 Commercial Building Repeater Systems

Image of Wilson Pro 70 Plus RepeaterThe WilsonPro 70 Plus & WilsonPro 70 Plus Select commercial building cellular repeater systems are our most popular 4G cell phone signal boosters. They are designed for the professional installer in large homes and larger commercial buildings including multiple-story buildings.

For maximum in-building coverage area, the Pro 70 PLUS features the highest downlink power of any FCC certified signal booster on the market. More downlink power allows it to provide more in-building coverage than, even its closest competitor.

Coverage Area

The WilsonPro 70 PLUS & PLUS SELECT systems cover larger area sizes up to 25,000 sq ft (with a very strong signal outside). The actual amount of coverage is dependent on several factors including the signal strength (outdoors where you mount the outside antenna) and the amount of cable used. Contact us for help in estimating the coverage area for your installation.

Advantages for full WilsonPro line:

The WilsonPro Line offers many advantages over other cellular signal booster systems.

Lower Overpowering and Shutdown Threshold

This allows the booster to work with a stronger incoming signal, up to +10 dB stronger, before overpowering and shutting down. This is a huge benefit in strong signal environments like cities and locations close to a carrier tower.

Intelligent Shutdown Management Advantage

Cellular boosters are required by the FCC to shut down if the incoming signal is too strong on a particular band. With the WilsonPro 70 Plus, when the signal decreases back to the acceptable level, the band will turn back on. With the competition, once the band shuts down, the only way to turn it back on is to power cycle the booster. This can cause the installer to accrue additional costs to go back on site to power cycle the amplifier.

Sophisticated Software

The WilsonPro software is always monitoring the incoming signal and adjusting the amplifier accordingly. Cellular signals are constantly fluctuating. The software is always monitoring this and making immediate adjustments, allowing the amplifier to operate at maximum gain consistently.

Advantages Unique to WilsonPro 70 PLUS products

The WilsonPro 70 PLUS signal boosters offer even more advantages.

Highest Downlink Power

This allows for more signal in environments where the incoming signal is strong, up to +12dB more down link power than the competition. The benefit is a stronger signal coming out of the booster, providing more coverage from a single booster.

Highest Uplink Power

This allows for a stronger signal radiating to the tower, up to +3dB more than the competition, providing greater user capacity and increased range from the cell site.

WilsonPro 70 Plus SELECT Advantage

The new Wilson Pro 70 Plus Select is comparable to the Pro 70 Plus but it adds the ability to select Uplink and Downlink gain. This adds more control over installation options for the professional installer.

The WilsonPro 70 Plus vs. The Competition

  • Industry’s Most Powerful Line of In-Building Signal Boosters
  • Larger Coverage Areas
  • More Uplink Power Covers More Users
  • Picks Up A Better Signal From Further Away
  • Faster, Cleaner Data Transfers

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