Netgear LB2120 Antennas & Boosters

Netgear LB2120 Antennas & Boosters

How To Improve The Cellular Signal To Your Netgear LB2120 Mobile Hotspot

If you have an issue getting a good cellular signal to the Netgear LB2120, we can help. We offer several different options for boosting your 4G signal.

Option: Attach 1 or 2 External Antennas

The LB2120 Hotspots has two external cellular / 4G antenna ports as pictured. You can connect an antenna to one or both ports.netgear lb1120

A good, inexpensive option to improving the signal to the is to attach an external antenna. Connecting 2 Antennas (1 to each port) may help give a more consistent signal. To be most effective, the external antenna(s) should be mounted where the cellular signal is best. This is usually near a window or outside wall - outdoors, away from under the building structure is almost always better.

Usually the most effective antenna is the Wilson Wideband Directional antenna (See Below). This antenna should be mounted outdoors and pointed towards the nearest service provider tower.

A small, more portable option would be one of the small Omni Directional antennas below.

Option: Powered Signal Boosters

An even better option would be using a signal amplifier. Listed below are some options.

  • Signal Booster Systems - Signal booster systems work by capturing the signal outdoors and repeating the signal indoors. They have the added benefit of boosting the cell signal for more than one device including cell phones and hot spots. We have a few recommended systems listed below.

Need Help?

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Feel free to Contact Us f you have questions or need additional help with improving your cellular 4G signal.