Consumer Signal Booster Registration

Consumer Signal Booster Registration

consumersignalboosters.pngThe signal boosters we offer are FCC approved Consumer Devices. They have been tested and approved by the FCC according to their regulations. After April 30, 2014, all consumer cellular signal boosters must meet be:

  • FCC certified to the 2014 technical standards
  • Sold only as complete, installable kits which include Signal Booster, Antennas and Coax Cable.

Service Provider Consent & Registration

The four largest US carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, and more than 90 regional carriers have given blanket consent for use on their networks of all boosters certified to FCC standards. This consent includes all signal boosters marked "Consumer Device".

Although approved for us, all consumer cellular signal boosters must be registered with your service provider before use. Here are links to Service Provider booster system registration websites:


US Cellular


Top 10 Things You Should Know About the New FCC Booster Regulations

Here are summary and critical points of the new FCC signal booster regulations from Wilson Electronics.

  1. In February 2013, the FCC set new technical standards for cellular signal boosters. The FCC did NOT outlaw Signal Boosters. The FCC just raised the standards signal boosters must meet to be certified.
  2. Wilson Electronics, working with Verizon Wireless and engineering consultant VCOMM-LLC, originally wrote the new certification standards for signal boosters that were eventually agreed upon by the other major carriers and adopted by the FCC.
  3. It's still legal to sell consumer signal boosters in the U.S. As of May 1; all boosters sold must be certified by the FCC to meet the new standards. The complete FCC order containing the new rules are located here:
  4. Wilson Electronics retired most of its previous product line April 30 due to the new FCC technical standards. Wilson now has a new (and recertified) product line, with all FCC-certified boosters. (See the article above.)
  5. The new FCC Standards require that all consumer signal boosters now be sold as kits, with antennas and cables included. Additional accessories can be sold separately.
  6. The four major cell carriers and nearly all regional carriers have given blanket approval for customers to use FCC-certified boosters on their networks.
  7. Consumers are now required to register their systems with their carrier(s). Most carriers have a web page for registration (see above).
  8. Older model boosters already in use automatically receive "grandfather" approval by the FCC. These boosters also are now required to be registered same as newer booster systems.
  9. The need and market for signal boosters continue to grow. 
  10. Wilson is still the technology leader in signal boosters. Among booster manufacturers, only Wilson has an FCC-certified 4G/3G booster for all devices and all carriers - and we have both indoor and mobile models.

FCC Web Site

You can find more information about consumer cellular signal boosters on the FCC's Web Site.

Wilson Completes FCC Certification of Boosters - 4/28/2014

Earlier this month Wilson Electronics announced that its full line of consumer cellular signal boosters has completed FCC certification. The company now has 12 consumer models certified to the 2014 standards.

"Completion of the FCC certification process for our consumer signal boosters is a significant milestone for Wilson Electronics," said Bob Van Buskirk, president and CEO of Wilson Electronics. "This is the culmination of more than a year of hard work by our entire team to ensure existing products and newly developed models comply with recently adopted FCC technical standards."

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