weBoost Signal DataPro DirectConnect

weBoost Signal DataPro DirectConnect

wilson datapro signal booster

Cellular Signal Booster for M2M Installations

The Wilson Electronics DataPro™ and weBoost Signal 3G & Signal 4G Direct Connect series signal boosters were developed specifically for Machine to Machine (M2M) installations. This amplifier's direct connect configuration is based on the same field-tested, market-proven technology that powers Wilson’s Sleek in-vehicle cell phone signal booster for the consumer market. The dual-band Signal & DataPro™ amps area ready to integrate with modem and hotspot installations to provide strong, reliable cellular signal that ensures successful M2M data transfer.

These amplifiers work on all North American networks. The compact form factor and low price make it an ideal component for installations in weak signal environments. Integrators and OEMs can pair these amplifiers with a variety of expertly designed Wilson Electronics cellular antennas for maximum system gain to overcome a weak signal. Many things cause weak signals. The two primary reasons for a weak signal are the distance to the cell site, or obstructions such as brick, steel, trees or hills. These amplifiers also incorporate power control logic that ensures maximum output power is within cellular network standards and will not interfere with a cellular network.


  • 3G & 4G Versions
  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers - signal to and from cell site
  • Works with all North American systems (except WiMax 2500mHz)
  • FCC Certificated
  • Configurable to fit virtually any M2M installation 

User Benefits

  • Boosts both signal coming from the cell site, and the signal going back
  • Powerful, reliable cell signal even in remote locations or other weak signal areas
  • Less resending of data due to poor connection means faster data transfers
  • Great For Remote Monitoring
  • Great For Fleet Monitoring

wilson-datapro-with-modem.jpgWith the availability of the Signal 3G, Signal 4G and DataPro™, OEMs can source a compact, robust and highly compatible signal booster ready to deploy with their products. Integrators can more easily custom design communication systems that fit tightly constrained spaces. They provide the signal boosting performance needed to ensure Internet access and data transfer to and from weak signal areas. Juniper Research has forecast the number of wireless M2M devices will grow to 412 million by 2014. weBoost is the only manufacturer specifically designing cellular signal boosters for M2M installations.

Connecting To Your Data Device

The DataPro and Signal amplifiers require a connection to your modem, router or hotspot. How it connects depends on your device. If it has a universal connector type for an external antenna such as SMA, FME, TNC, etc., we usually have coax adapters to enable a connection. We also have hotspot antenna adapters and USB modem antenna adapters that fit the antenna ports on many of Internet devices. Feel free to Contact Us for help.



System Components & Accessories

We stock Wilson Data Pro, weBoost Signal 3G & 4G system parts & components like antennas, external antenna adapters, connectors, extension cables, mounts, and accessories. We list them below. If you can't find what you need or need expert advice, feel free to contact us.

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