Antenna Boosters

Antenna Boosters

Cellular antenna boosters are amplifiers that can significantly improve performance of your mobile device. They work considerably better than using an antenna alone. They work with USB Adapters, Routers, Modems, HotSpots and MiFI Devices.

Here is an example of an antenna booster system in a vending machine. Note the outside antenna, connects to the antenna booster along with the cellular modem. The amplifiers need a power source such as an AC wall outlet. Cigarette lighter DC power supplies are also available for vehicles.

image of antenna booster system diagram


  • Cellular Antenna To
  • Antenna Booster To
  • Cellular Modem

An antenna booster system like this is for cellular modems & routers. They work well with Cellular USB Adapters, Hot Spots and MiFi devices as well. Systems like this are ideal for tighter areas such as vending machines. They can also work in your home or office. They can improve the reliability of vehicle tracking and monitoring systems. They are also useful for remote monitoring systems such as oil field equipment. 3G and 4G amplifiers are available.

Use In

  • Vending Machines
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Homes & Offices
  • Cars & Trucks
  • 3G or 4G Systems

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