StraightTalk H226C Home Phone Signal Boosters

StraightTalk H226C Home Phone Signal Boosters

StraightTalk Home Phone Connect Antennas & Signal Boosters

The Wal-Mart StraightTalk Home Phone service currently uses the Huawei H226C (double check the make and model of your device) for connecting to your home phones as well as the cellular service provider. It gives the benefits of a wired land line connection, but it is more convenient and cost-efficient. 

Home Phone Connect Device

If your StraightTalk service uses the Huawei H226C device, boosting the cellular signal to it can mean clearer calls and fewer missed & dropped calls. You can boost the cellular signal to your StraightTalk Home Phone Connect device by attaching an external antenna or amplifier.straighttalk-homephone.jpg

How Do I Connect?

The Huawei H226C has an antenna attached to it via a TNC connector. In most cases, the standard antenna works fine. However, in cases where the Verizon cellular signal is weak, you can boost the signal by adding an antenna that you can mount outside, where the signal is better. You can also add an amplifier if the signal is very weak outside.

To connect an outside cellular antenna to the Home Phone Connect, you will need a antenna cable with a TNC Male connector. We offer a couple of antenna, cable and amplifier options. In some cases a TNC adapter needed to attach is included.

Other Straight Talk Devices

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