NetGear 6100D Sprint Data Gateway

NetGear 6100D Sprint Data Gateway

netgear lg6100d

NetGear LG6100D Cell Signal Improvement

The NetGear 6100D Sprint Data Gateway combines LTE wireless broadband technology with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet enabling extremely high bandwidth and 24/7 connectivity for businesses and homes.

You can boost the cellular signal to the 6100D by connecting an external antenna to it or using a cellular signal booster system.sma connector

The 6100D can use LTE bands 25 (1900MHz), 26 (850MHz) or 41(2500MHz). Match any external antenna with the frequency used in your area.

Antenna Connectors

The 6100D antenna ports have SMA Female connectors. They should look like the picture on the right. Get antenna cable connectors that are SMA Male.