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Clear 4G+ Mobile USB Series S

Clear 4G+ USB Modem Signal Boosters

Improving the reception to your Clear 4G+ Mobile USB Series S wireless modem (Sierra Wireless 250u) can mean faster speeds. In general, the better the signal, the faster the data transmission speed. We offer several options to improve the cellular reception of your Clear 4G+ Mobile USB wireless modem mobile broadband device.

Adapter Ports

The Clear 4G+ Mobile USB Series S wireless modem has 2 external antenna ports located on it's side. One is for 3G network and the other is for 4G network. The port closest to the front is the 43G port and the port closest to the back is the 3G/4G port.


To attach an external antenna directly to the Clear 4G+ modem, you will need an antenna adapter (AA359927) listed below. For Clear's 4G WiMAX, use an antenna that covers 2500MHz frequency range such as the Wilson Wide Band Log Per Directional Antenna or Wilson Panel Antennas.

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