NETGEAR MBR1210 Signal Boosters

NETGEAR MBR1210 Signal Boosters

The NETGEAR® MBR1210 uses the power of your cellular service provider's 3G mobile network to create a wireless hotspot. The hotspot uses 800MHz or 1900MHz for 3G service. It let you connect multiple computers or devices to the Internet. Boosting Cellular Signal to the NETGEAR® MBR1210.

You can boost the reception of your NETGEAR® MBR1210 with an external antenna or powered signal booster. Adding an external antenna to improve cellular reception which will improve data transfer speeds. Adding a powered cellular signal booster will improve reception even more.

We offer several options to boosting the cellular reception:

  • Add an External Antenna
  • Add a Direct Connect Signal Amplifier
  • Add a Repeater System - Covers a room or a whole building.

MBR 1210 External Antenna Port Type - RPTNC Female

The MBR1210 has a Reverse Polarity (RP) TNC Female connector. It requires an antenna cable with a RP TNC Male Connector. Be sure an choose the proper connector for both the MBR120 and whatever Antenna you select. See cable, antennas and adapters below.