We offer a variety of options to improve the cell signal to a Cisco EHWIC 4G LTE V Wireless WAN Modem card.

The Cisco EWIC WAN card has 2 external antenna ports. The ports have TNC Female connectors. Select antenna cable with TNC Male connectors. We also have adapters to convert cable connectors to TNC Male if required.

Cisco EHWIC Antenna Options

Omni Directional Antennas - Round radiation pattern. Works best in areas with tall trees, buildings or hills between your location and nearest Verizon tower. Also preferable if you're not sure where the nearest tower is.

Directional Antennas - Highest Gain - works best in flatter areas where you have direct line of sight to your service providers tower. Should be pointed at the nearest cell tower.

Powered Signal Boosters

4G Building or Mobile Signal Boosters can also be used to improve the cell signal to the Cisco EHWIC 4G LTE V card. A short range option like the Wilson Desktop in 3G or 4G works well. 3G or 4G - If 4G is not available in your area, a 3G signal booster will work if you want to avoid the higher cost of a 4G booster. The Cisco EHWIC supports 3G frequencies (EV-DO Rev A 800/1900 MHz, Quad-Band EDGE/GPRS/GSM). For 4G, this Cisco device supports Verizon's 700MHz LTE (Band 13).