Ericsson W35 Rocket Hub

Ericsson W35 Rocket Hub

Improve the cellular reception of your Ericsson W35 Rocket™ Hub with and external antenna or signal booster. We stock Ericsson Rocket Hub external antenna adapter, antennas and signal boosters.

About the Ericsson Rocket Hub

The Ericsson Rocket Hub W35 lets you use multiple devices over one wireless internet connection and provides voice service for the ultimate in convenience and productivity, with no networking required and no software to install. Just plug the Rocket Hub into an electrical outlet and you are ready to connect. Seamlessly integrate your voice and internet services with one simple and cost-effective solution.

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To connect an external antenna and/or a Direct Connect signal booster directly to the Rocket Hub, you'll need the MCX adapter. This external antenna adapter has an MCX connector on one end (to plug into the Rocket Hub) and an FME Male connector on the other end to attach to an antenna or power booster. Other repeater type signal boosters do not connect directly to the Rocket Hub so they the external antenna adapter is not required.