Verizon Pantech MHS291L Signal Boosters

Verizon Pantech MHS291L Signal Boosters

Cell Signal BoosterHow To Boost The Cellular Signal To The Verizon MHS291L MiFi Hotspot

Boost the cellular signal of your Verizon Pantech MHS291L mobile broadband device with an external antenna and/or cellular signal booster / amplifier. Adding an external to your Pantech MHS291L will improve cellular reception which will improve data transfer speeds. Adding a powered cellular signal booster will improve reception even more.

We offer several options to boosting the cellular reception of a mobile broadband MiFi or Hotspot device:

  • Add an External Antenna
  • Small Powered Booster - Wilson Sleek
  • Building Signal Booster - Cover a room or a whole building.


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Pantech Verizon MHS291L Signal Booster Options