Netgear AC 778S 779S Fuse Antenna Boosters

Netgear AC 778S 779S Fuse Antenna Boosters

Image of Netgear AirCard 778s Antenna PortsNetgear AirCard 778s and 779S Fuse Hotspot Antennas & Signal Boosters can Boost the signal strength to your Hotspot to improve Internet speeds.

MIMO Device External Antenna Ports

The Netgear AirCard 778S & 779S Fuse are MIMO devices. They have 2 antennas ports that can be used to connect 2 external antennas to. A MIMO Device uses 2 antennas (or a single MiMo antenna) to send and receive a signal at potentially higher speeds. MIMO technology is controlled by your service provider and is not available in all areas. If MiMo service is not available, only 1 antenna will work best. If using 2 antennas, make sure the antennas are 18" apart or greater for best performance.

Powered Signal Booster Systems

You can also use powered cellular signal booster systems to improve the signal to your hotspot without a direct connect to the hotspot. See our Mobile Signal Booster Systems and our Building Signal Booster Systems sections for more information.

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