Large Area Signal Boosters

Large Area Signal Boosters


Improve Cell Signal Inside Larger Buildings

We can help you get a better cellular signal inside your large building. Our signal repeater systems are made especially for large sized buildings. These include large homes, offices, warehouses, hangers even buildings with more than one floor. No matter the size of your building, we can help you design a cellular signal booster system for it.

Our Systems Help You

  • Reduce Dropped Calls
  • Stop Missing Incoming Calls
  • Stay In Touch & Productive
  • Increase 3G & 4G Internet Speeds
  • Cell Phones, Hotspots, MiFi, USB Modems

We carry powerful cellular signal repeater systems for large sized buildings. These signal boosters let you make cell calls where you couldn't before. We can improve the signal to certain spots (such as basements, deep interiors, data rooms, etc.) or the whole building. Use with cell phones plus 3G and 4G devices like HotSpots, MiFi Devices, Routers, and USB Adapters. These systems improve the cell signal to many devices all at the same time.


Large Buildings

  • Large Homes
  • Multi-Story Buildings
  • Offices & Warehouses
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Buildings with Metal Roof Blocking Signal

Commercial Buildings

We offer the Wilson Pro line of commercial cellular signal repeater systems from Wilson Electronics. These systems are ideal for larger building installations including multi-story buildings. We offer expert help with designing a system for you project. Feel free to contact us for help and more information on the Wilson Pro line. More Wilson Pro Commercial Booster System Information.

Custom Signal Booster Systems

Need help? We can help you design the right signal booster system for your home, large warehouse, multi-floor building, apartment complex, or another large area? The right system depends on many factors. We can help you estimate improved cellular coverage. Read our Estimating Coverage Area page. It explains basic area calculations and required information. Then give us a call or use our Contact Form.

Popular Large Building Signal Booster Systems

  • weBoost INSTALLED | Home Complete Building Signal Booster System 474445 weBoost INSTALLED | Home Complete Building Signal Booster System 474445

    weBoost INSTALLED | Home Complete Building Signal Booster System


    The 1st "Installation Included" Home Cell Signal Booster weBoost Installed | Home Complete is the turnkey residential solution for fixing bad cell signal coverage for good. It leaves all the installation work to a nationwide network of...
    Who Is Most Likely To Use This Product:
    Any home owner with a weak indoor cellular signal that prefers a professionally installed system over D.I.Y. system. Includes households where several cellular devices are used. Great for houses made of signal-blocking materials.
  • WilsonPro Pro 70 Plus With 2 Dome Indoor Antennas WilsonPro 70 PLUS Building Cell Phone Repeater

    WilsonPro 70 PLUS Cell Signal Booster System w/2 Indoor Dome Antennas


    MSRP: $1,572.97
    WilsonPro Pro 70 PLUS With 2 Indoor Dome Antennas The WilsonPro Pro 70 PLUS Commercial Building Cellular Signal Booster provides a large building coverage area. The Pro 70 PLUS is perfect for large commercial buildings, office buildings and larger...
    Short Description:
    • Large Building 4G Signal Booster System
    • Includes 2 Indoor Dome Antennas & Splitter
    • Boost Voice & 4G Internet
    • For AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Others
    • Covers Up To 25,000 sq ft.
    MSRP: $1,572.97
  • WilsonPro Pro 1100 4G Cellular Building Signal Booster System Pro 1100 Cellular Power Booster

    WilsonPro Pro 1100 4G Cellular Building Signal Booster System


    WilsonPro Pro 1100 Large Commercial Building Signal Booster System The Pro 1100 is surprisingly powerful among its product category and price range, it is part of Wilson Electronics next generation professional-grade cell signal amplification technology...
    More Info:
    *** For More Information, Get A Price Quote Or Place An Order, Please Contact Us
  • WilsonPro 1050 Cellular Booster WilsonPro 1050 Installation Diagram

    WilsonPro 1050 Building Cellular Booster with Inline Amplifier System


    WilsonPro 1050 Cellular Signal Booster System with Inline Amplifier Improves 4g LTE & 3G Coverage Up to 35,000 sq ft. The WilsonPro 1050 is the first amplifier in this category to offer an inline amplifier to offset the loss in long interior cable...
    Please Contact Us for ordering information or to get a custom quote for your installation.
  • weBoost [Home Complete] Building Signal Booster System 470145

    weBoost [Home Complete] Building Signal Booster System 470145


    weBoost Home Complete - Large Home Cellular 4G Signal Booster System FEATURES Modern Look - Booster & Indoor Antenna are designed to complement contemporary décor. Most powerful, multi-user cell signal booster available for residential...
    Short Description::
    The weBoost Home Complete is a cell phone signal booster system designed specifically for larger homes up to 7,500 sq. ft. The Booster & Indoor Antenna are designed to complement your home's contemporary d├ęcor. Powerful Outdoor Directional Antenna.