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4 Ways To Boost The Cellular Signal Your Cellular USB Modem

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There are number of ways to improve the cell signal to your cellular USB modem device. Improving the cell signal to your device will boost Internet download and upload speeds.

1. Add A Long USB Extension Cable

One neat trick to improving the cell signal to your USB Cellular Modem is to use a USB extension cable. An extension cable will allow you to put the modem where the signal is better such as next to a window or outside wall. Putting it outside the building or vehicle usually works best. You'll need a USB cable A Male / A Female - A Male connector on one end and an A Female connector on the other.

Cost: Less Than $10

2. Attach An External Antenna

Mounting an external cellular antenna (preferably outside your building or vehicle) and connecting it to your USB Modem is a low cost but very effective method of boosting your cell signal.

External Antenna Adapter

Most USB modems come with one or more external antenna ports. Some have a port for 3G and another for 4G. Unfortunately, not all hotspots have external antenna ports. For these, you'll need a cell signal repeater type system that takes the signal outdoor, amplifies it through a powered signal booster, then rebroadcasts the signal via an indoor antenna. See "Powered Signal Boosters" below.

Connecting an antenna is usually easy. Just match the antenna connector with connector type on your device. For those devices that do not have standard connectors, we have specific antenna adapters.

The typical components required to connect a hotspot to an external antenna are:

  • External Antenna Adapter or Standard Connector,
  • Coax Cable,
  • Cellular Antenna.

We have USB Modem adapters and antennas for many cellular USB modems devices.

Cost: Between $30 & $100

DirectConnect Signal Booster

3. Attach an Antenna & Powered Signal Booster

If an external antenna by itself does not give you enough signal improvement, you can add an inline or DirectConnect type amplifier. The amplifier goes in between the external antenna and your USB modem. We have these types of amps for 3G and 4G signals. 

The way these boosters work is they receive your service provider's signal from the outside antenna, amplifies it then sends it to your modem via your modems external antenna port. The advantage of this system is that the booster greatly improves the cell signal. These units are also small and easy to fit into tight spaces like vending machines. The disadvantage is that it requires a power source and must be directly connected to your modem and outside antenna.

Cost: Between $130 & $200

Read More About Attaching a Power Booster To Your USB Modem.

4. Use A Cellular Repeater System

A very popular option to boost the signal to your USB Modem is a powered cellular signal repeater system. The advantage of this type of system is that no connection to your USB modem is required. The system takes the signal outside your vehicle or building, amplifies it then repeats it inside.

Desktop Cellular Repeater System

The typical components required for a powered signal booster system are:

  • Cellular Amplifier
  • Outdoor Cellular Antenna
  • Indoor Cellular Antenna
  • Cable

Cost: Between $100 & $900

We offer mobile / portable systems as well as Building Systems

Need Help?

Need help determining just what you need to boost the signal to your cellular Internet device? Feel free to Contact Us. Let us know the make and model of your device and what type of help you need.

More Info: Signal Boosters For USB Modems

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