Wilson 311203 Building Mount 3G Cellular Antenna 50 Ohm N Fem *DISCONTINUED

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No Longer Available
No Longer Available:
Substitute: AE304422 Wilson 4G Building Antenna Enterprise 50 Ohm 2-5 dBi N Female

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This Antenna Is No Longer Available -

Substitute the AE304422 Wilson 4G Building Antenna Enterprise 50 Ohm 2-5 dBi N Female


About The Wilson Building Mount Cellular Antenna

The Wilson Omni-Directional Building Mount Cellular Antenna is made for building cellular amplifier / repeater systems, DirectConnect type amplifiers or a direct connection to a cell phone or other mobile cellular device such as a data card, Hotspot or MiFi device. The antenna is weatherproof and fiberglass-encased and is omnidirectional. It is ideal for building signal booster installs for homes, office buildings, portable buildings, trailers, etc. The antenna has a built-in radial ground plane for maximum performance.

Wilson's innovative design results in high efficiency and low signal loss, which means more signal to your cell phone, cellular data card or in-building amplifier system.

Wilson Building Mount Antenna Package Includes:

  • 50 Ohm Building Mount Dual Band Antenna
  • 12 inch, RG-58 Coax Cable with N Female Connector
  • L-Mount Bracket with Wood Screws and U-Bolt (Mount on pole or against flat surface. Pole not included)
  • Ground Plane Radials (3 short, 3 long) with thread-locker liquid
  • Installation Guide

RF Safety Warning: The outside antenna must be installed with a separation of at least 16 inches from any occupants or nearby persons and must not be located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or amplifier.


  • Frequency 700-800 MHz - Gain: 3.2 dBi
  • Frequency 824-894 MHz - Gain: 5.12 dBi
  • Frequency 880-960 MHz - Gain: 2.7 dBi
  • Frequency 1710-1880 MHz - Gain: 0.6 dBi
  • Frequency 1850-1990 MHz - Gain: 6.12 dBi
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Gain: 5.12 dBi (806-894MHz) / 6.12 dBi (1850-1990 MHz)
  • Max power: 25 Watts
  • Beam-width Horiz Pln: 360 deg
  • Beam-width Vert Pln: 60 deg
  • VSWR: 1.8:1
  • Connector: N Female
  • Dimensions: 14 inches
  • Ground Plane: Built-In Ground Plane
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