About 700MHz Long Term Evolution LTE

About 700MHz Long Term Evolution LTE

lte.jpgLong Term Evolution (LTE)

Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband systems are being deployed in newer frequencies such as 700MHz. LTE is sometimes referred to as 4G although it currently only meets 3.9G standards. LTE Advanced will meet 4G standards. LTE is designed to provider faster speeds and handle more capacity. Long Term Evolution Advanced will be compatible with LTE and will be using the same frequencies.

LTE is significantly faster than 3G and is the next step to feed the demands of wireless broadband needs as more and more users are added. LTE will provide a better platform for applications now fixed to become mobile. Uses such as Internet based programs like Voice over IP (VoIP), video streaming, music downloading, mobile TV and many others will be better supported. LTE networks provide larger capacity to support more and more users and their demands for more multi media applications.

Long Term Evolution will began to be used by AT&T and Verizon starting in 2010. Others such as Alltel and T-Mobile plan to roll out their 4G networks base on LTE. The system offerings are planned to be like Clearwire where a 4G wireless router is place inside homes and offices to provide high speed broadband Internet service.

According to Verizon's website, they expect to launch its "LTE 4G network in up to 30 markets in 2010, covering 100 million people. In subsequent years, an equally aggressive growth plan will result in full nationwide coverage in 2013. The company’s LTE network ultimately will connect a full range of electronics devices and machines to each other."

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