Sprint 341U USB Modem

Sprint 341U USB Modem


Sprint Netgear AirCard 341U USB Modem Antennas & Signal Boosters. Boost the signal strength to your Sprint 341U to improve Internet speeds.

The Netgear 341U is a MIMO device that has 2 antennas ports. A MIMO Device uses 2 antennas to send and receive a signal at potentially higher speeds. MIMO technology is controlled by your service provider and is not available in all areas. If not available, only 1 antenna is required. To achieve true MIMO purchase two adapter cables and 2 antennas (or one MIMO antenna - 2 antennas combined to 1 package with 2 cables). For best performance make sure the antennas are 18" apart or greater.

Sprint 4G Frequency

The 341u uses 2500MHz for Sprint 4G. If you are trying to boost this signal, we recommend the weBoost WideBand Directional antenna for this frequency. There are currently no powered signal boosters for 2500MHz WiMAX frequency.

For Sprint's 3G service, most cellular antennas covering 800MHz and 1900MHz will work fine. Also, most cellular signal boosters will work well.

The 341U supports an external RF antenna for use in increasing the cellular signal strength. To install an external antenna:

  • Remove the Back panel on the Netgear 341U by pressing on the cover and sliding away from the device. 
  • You will see two ports at the base of the device. 
  • Remove the External antenna cover from the desired antenna port, then attach the external antenna. 
  • Replace the Back panel by placing it over the device and sliding until the panel snaps into place.

Contact us for expert signal improvement advice and support.

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