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Huawei E600 EC228 301 K4505 Signal Boosters

Improving the cellular reception to your Huawei mobile broadband device can mean faster speeds. In general, the better the cell signal, the faster the data transmission speed. Huawei External Antennas and Power Boosters We offer several options to improve the cellular reception of your Huawei mobile broadband device. Choose from simply attaching an external antenna directly to the mobile device, add an cellular amplifier or select a wireless amplifier to improve reception without a physical connections to your device.

Works with Huawei E156G, E169 VIRGIN Mobile Broadband Modem, E160g & E169g THREE Mobile Broadband Modem, E600, E612, E618, E620, E630, E660A, EC228, EC301, EC321, EC351 K4505. OPTUS Mobile Broadband Modem (E169).

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