AT&T Beam 340U Signal Boosters

AT&T Beam 340U Signal Boosters

AT&T Beam 340U Antennas & Signal Boosters. Boost the signal strength to your AC340U to improve Internet speeds.

The Netgear Beam 340U is a MIMO device that has 2 antennas ports. A MIMO Device used 2 antennas to send and received a signal at potentially higher speeds. MIMO technology is controlled by your service provider and may not be available in your area. If not available, only 1 antenna is required. To achieve true MIMO purchase two adapter cables and 2 antennas (or one MIMO antenna - 2 antennas combined to 1 package with 2 cables). To achieve the best performance make sure the antennas are 18" apart or greater.

attbeam-340u.jpgThe 340U supports an external RF antenna for use in increasing the strength of the Beam's network connection. To install an external antenna:

  • Remove the Back panel on the Beam 340U by pressing on the cover and sliding away from the device. 
  • You will see two ports at the base of the device. 
  • Remove the External antenna cover from the desired antenna port, then attach the external antenna. 
  • Replace the Back panel by placing it over the device and sliding until the panel snaps into place.

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