Installing A Yagi Antenna

Installing A Yagi Antenna



weboost authorized reseller badgeYagi antennas are high gain directional antennas and perform best when they are pointed directly towards the tower you are trying to receive a signal from.

The first step to installing a Yagi antenna is determining the best place on the building to mount it. Measuring the cellular signal around your building is an important part of the install process.

Do I really need to measure the outside cellular signal strength before I mount a Yagi antenna on my building?

Yes, it is important to measure the signal strength outside on all sides of the building to determine the location of the nearest cellular tower and the greatest signal strength for the antenna to draw upon.

Signal strength is measured in decibels, abbreviated as “dB” and expressed in a negative number. For example, a signal strength of -88dB is stronger than -92dB. Bars on the cell phone are not the most accurate measurement of signal strength. Many cell phones have a "test mode." Putting the device into “test mode” will offer a more reliable way to measure signal strength.

Visit the phone test mode page for instructions on accessing the test mode on a wide range of cell phones.

Where Do I Install A Yagi Antenna?

Install the antenna on the side of the building that offers the greatest signal strength when the antenna is pointed away from the building. Be sure that it is positioned so that it has the most unobstructed line of sight to the cellular service provider’s strongest signal.

How do I tune a Yagi antenna?

Point the main center beam of the Yagi in the general direction of the cell tower. Make sure the radials are pointing up and down. Connect the antenna to a cell phone in test mode. Pan the Yagi left and right in 10-degree increments until you get the best signal strength reading from the phone. In most cases, you want a signal as strong as you can get.

When you are panning the Yagi, be sure to let go of the antenna or it may give inaccurate readings. Lock the antenna down at the position where you get the best signal strength.

Does the Yagi antenna need to be grounded?

The Yagi does not need to be grounded. However, we recommend a lightning surge protector in all building installations. The surge protector will prevent an electrical surge from damaging your amplifier.

Can I use a Yagi antenna on my RV?

Yes. Since the Yagi antenna is directional, however, you would have to re-tune it at each new location.


Wilson Yagi Installation Instructions (pdf files)


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