WilsonPro's New Pro 1100 Large Building Signal Booster System

WilsonPro's New Pro 1100 Large Building Signal Booster System

WilsonPro Introduces The New, More Powerful & Feature Rich Pro 1100

The WilsonPro Pro 1100 is now available. It is part of the next generation of professional-grade cellular signal improving technology from Wilson Electronics - the leader in cellular signal improvement. 

Most Popular Building Signal Booster System

The Pro 1100 has quickly become our most popular cellular signal booster system - and for good reasons...

The 1100 is a surprisingly powerful cell phone signal amplifier. It is capable of transmitting a 4 dB stronger cellular signal back to the tower for an always reliable cellular & 4G Connection. This extra power gives you twice the power of competitors. The added capacity makes the 1100 ideal for large homes, medium sized office buildings, retail businesses, medical offices and other commercial buildings under 35,000 square feet.WilsonPro 1100 Commercial Building Signal Booster

Built-in XDR Technology

The Pro 1100 auto–detects strong outside signal; always adjusting to optimize performance and help ensure it will never shutdown or overload.

Pro 1100 Features

The Pro 1100 offers many new features to improve performance of your signal booster installation.

  • Improves Cellular Frequencies Including 4G LTE & 3G In Buildings Up To 35,000 square feet
  • Max Uplink Power of 25 dBm 
  • Downlink Power Up To 15 dBm
  • Built In XDR Technology To Prevent Overload/Shutdown From Signal
  • Software Auto Adjusts Gain To Current Signal Environment
  • Color LCD Touch Screen For Greater Control & Usability
  • FCC Approved.
  • Works With All Major US Cellular Carriers

The Pro1100 is designed to reach far away cell towers with it's max uplink power of 25dBm of available output.

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Please Contact Us for A Price Quote or To Order. We can create and send you a quote for a system customized for your installation. 

Nov 26, 2019

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