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At International CES 2015, Wilson Electronics announced that it is re-branding itself as weBoost.

Bob Van Buskirk, president and CEO of weBoost said, "Today, our smartphones and tablets are vital for staying connected to what’s important to us - family, friends and work,” said . “At weBoost, our consumer and commercial products and technology provide seamless connectivity to benefit our customers’ personal and professional lives.”

They will market its consumer product lines under the weBoost brand starting February 2, 2015. The new weBoost Work and weBoost Life product lines include signal boosters designed to provide reliable connectivity on all cellular networks for users in the workplace, at home or on the road. has been an authorized reseller of Wilson Electronics signal boosters, cellular antennas and system components for over 15 years and we will continue with weBoost. 

New weBoost Products

weBoost will introduce a new product look with their re-branding starting in February 2015. In the beginning, weBoost signal booster systems will perform the same as current Wilson Electronics products.

The following is a comparison between weBoost and Wilson Electronics branded products.

Wilson Electronics


Sleek (460106) and Sleek 4G (460107)
Drive 3G-S (470106) and Drive 4G-S (470107)

Mobile Pro (460113) Drive 3G-Flex (470113)

Mobile Wireless 3G Drive 3G-M (470102)

Mobile Wireless 4G (460108) Drive 4G-M (470108)

MobileMaxX 3G (460111)

Drive 3G X (470111)

Desktop DT (463105) and DT 4G (460101) Home 3G (473105) and Home 4G (470101)

DB Pro Omni (462105), DB Pro Directional (462205), DB Pro 4G (460103) Connect 3G Omni (472105), Connect 3G-Directional (472205), Connect 4G (470103)

AG Pro 70 (460105) and AG Pro 4G (461104) Connect 3G-X (470105) and Connect 4G-X (471104)

DataPro / Signal 3G (460109) Signal 3G (470109) and Signal 4G (470119) *New

Jan 07, 2015 Jerome Hansen

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