Question: How Much Can A Wilson Signal Booster Speed Up Data Speeds?

Answer: It all depends. There is a wide variety of different situations that can

Mobile Pro Signal Boster

Wilson Mobile Professional Signal Booster impact your data speeds and several different options to speed your data up. If you are trying to download a lot of data in a weak cellular signal area, the a signal booster can significantly speed the data transfer rate by reducing data packet re sends due to greater signal strength and output power of your devices. Basically, when a signal is weak, the a stronger signal provided by a booster can mean faster data transfers.

One the other hand, if you already have a strong cellular signal, the a booster may provide little or no increase in data rate. Slow data rates in areas of strong signal typically indicate a different kind of problem and a signal booster probably isn't the solution. The answer applies for both 4G and 3G data networks.

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Oct 16, 2013 Jerome Hansen

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