Optimizing Directional Outside Antenna

Directional Antenna

How do you reposition a Directional Outside Antenna to optimize the available cell signal?

There are two ways to optimize the cell signal to your cellular signal booster system with a Directional Antenna. 

Method 1 - Signal Detector

The easier way is to use the WilsonPro RF Signal Detector 910055. The RF Signal Detector indicates available cellular signals in four frequency bands allowing the user to determine precisely where to point an outside antenna. If you don’t have access to a signal detector (or don't wish to purchase one) use the procedure below.

Method 2 - Team Up

It’s best to do this as a two-person team – one person outside to reposition the directional antenna, and one inside the building to monitor resulting changes in signal strength. If you already know the location outside your building where you get the strongest cellular signal, start by pointing the antenna in that direction. If you don’t know, it’s not a problem. Just pick a random direction and start there.

A good place to start is to take a signal reading outside the building on each side of the building, on the ground, with your cell phone. The side of the building that gets the best signal is typically the directions of your service providers tower. When doing this, remember to wait a few minutes before moving to the next test location.

Once the antenna is set up and pointing in the general direction of your service provider's tower, have the inside person check signal strength, if possible using a phone in test mode. Test mode shows signal strength in decibels (dB), a much more accurate measurement than the “bars” on your phone screen. If you don’t know how to access test mode, check the phone’s user manual our use the Standard Phone Test Modes document on our website.

Now that you have a baseline signal strength measurement, turn the antenna 45 degrees and note any change in inside signal strength. Repeating this action a few times should help you dial in the optimum position for the directional antenna. NOTE: Each time the antenna is moved, you must wait – typically 10 to 15 seconds – for the phone to register the signal and display any change in signal strength.

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May 12, 2013 Jerome Hansen

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