In Building Signal Improvement

Building Signal Booster System Diagram

Where would you like to improve your cellular signal?

  • Home?
  • Office?
  • Warehouse?
  • Hanger?

Today, it’s easier than ever to improve your cellular signal. One of the best cell phone accessories categories is cell phone signal improvement. There are many systems that improve cellular signal strength inside of buildings. Picking the right one is the only challenge (well, installing the system can be a challenge too).

A cellular signal improvement system consists of:

  • Outside Antenna – Receives & Transmits to Your Provider’s Tower(s)
  • Cellular Amplifier – Takes Outside Signal, Amplifies It, Sends to Inside Antenna
  • Inside Antenna – Sends & Receives from the Amplifier and Broadcasts Inside.

That’s the basics. You’ll also need electrical power, maybe a lightning surge protector, cables and connectors.

The cellular amplifier (repeater) is the key. To strong an amplifier and the inside and outside antenna create oscillation. Unless your amplifier shuts down automatically, you can cause real interference with carrier towers in the area.

Basically you’ll need an amplifier that:

  • Communicates with your service provider’s towers with enough power to cover the area you need.
  • Has Oscillation Control – Preferably automatically shuts down if it senses oscillation.
  • Has enough gain to cover your intended area.

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Oct 03, 2010 Jerome Hansen

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