New Consumer Signal Booster FCC Regulations

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates TV, radio, wire, satellite, wireless and cable communications within the U.S. and it's territories. The FCC has implemented a new set of regulations on the sale and use of cellular signal boosters. Previously, signal boosters have had little regulation and can adversely impact cellular service provider's cellular networks. The new FCC regulations attempt to eliminate negative interference with wireless networks.

The new standards call for 2 types of signal boosters:

  • Consumer Signal Boosters
  • Industrial Signal Boosters

Each booster will be required to be labeled as such.

Consumer Signal Boosters

Consumer Signal Boosters will be required to comply with a set of standards agreed to by manufacturers, carriers and the FCC. Carriers have agreed to approve Consumer Signal Boosters for use on their networks as long as they are certified "Consumer" signal boosters. A separate carrier approval to use these devices is not required. Consumers will still have to be register their booster with your carrier. March 1, 2014, carriers were expected to have several different ways to register signal boosters including on their websites. Check with your cellular service provider for more details.

Industrial Signal Boosters

More powerful Industrial Signal Boosters which are made for larger buildings will require approval by each carrier before use. There is no expectation of this approval so working with your carrier before purchasing any equipment is highly recommended.

Current & Older Signal Booster Systems

There is no requirement to stop using your current signal booster systems as long as it does not interfere with wireless networks. Users of older signal boosters can continue to use them. They should also be registered with your cellular service provider as soon as registration is available.

If a carrier finds that your signal booster system is interfering with their wireless network, they will request that you turn off your system until the problem is corrected. At their request, you must turn off your equipment until you fix the problem.

You can read more about FCC regulations on signal boosters on their website at:

FCC Signal Booster FAQ

Available Consumer Signal Boosters

After May 1st, all signal boosters sold must be labeled Consumer or Industrial. Non labeled boosters can be sold and purchased until May 1st. Non labeled boosters can be used after May 1st, as long as they do not interfere with your service providers networks.

We will be adding new Consumer Signal Boosters as they become available. You can find them on our web site at

Mar 03, 2014 Jerome Hansen

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