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AT&T Mercury Booster Antennas

Boost the cellular signal to your AT&T Mercury Internet Card with and external antenna or powered signal booster system.

WARNING: Direct Connect Antennas & Amplifiers - External Antenna Adapter
We do have an external antenna adapter that fits the AT&T Mercury, however the external antenna port on the Mercury is weak and the adapter has the potential to damage the Mercury by breaking the pin inside the Mercury's RF port. This may disable the Mercury. For this reason we cannot recommend it's use with the Mercury. If you would like to use one at your own risk, use the one we have listed for the Sierra Wireless Compass.

Instead of risking damage to your device, we recommend the use one of the following wireless amplifiers that do not require a direct connection to the Mercury.

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  • Panorama Ultra Wideband MiMo Antenna with TS9 Connectors & SMA Male Adapters
    Panorama Portable MiMo Antenna Ultra Wideband TS-9 w/SMA M Adpt $89.95 View Details
    Portable MiMo Antenna with TS9 plugs The Panorama Ultra Wideband MiMo (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) Antenna (DMM-7-27-2TS9) will provide strong 2G, 3G or 4G connection and faster transfer speeds for your modem or...
    SKU: AEDMM7272TS9
  • TS-9 Antenna Adapter FME M
    TS-9 Antenna Adapter FME M $14.95 View Details
    18 inch cable with right angle TS-9 connector on one end and FME Male connector on the other. Connects external antennas to your mobile device. Fits external antenna ports with TS-9 type connection including the following...
    SKU: AA1059
  • TS-9 Antenna Adapter Plus 3db Antenna FME
    TS-9 Antenna Adapter Plus 3db Antenna FME $37.95 $34.95 View Details
    Wilson 3db Magnet Mount Antenna and TS-9 External Antenna Adapter. Fits external antenna ports with TS-9 type connection including the following hotspots and USB Modems: Netgear Zing 771s, AT&T Lightning, AT&T...
    SKU: AK1059-301103