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Cellular Signal Boosters: Which Building Size?


Are you plagued by poor cellular coverage in side your home or office? We can help you improve the cellular reception in your building. We are experts. We've been improving cellular reception inside buildings for over 15 years. We offer the complete weBoost signal booster systems and have all the components you need for a powerful and effective system. We stock cellular repeater amplifiers, antennas, coax cable, splitters, taps, surge protectors, connectors and all other system components required. We also offer expert advice for your system's selection, design and installation.

A Basic Building Signal Booster System

A building cellular signal booster systems consists of a few required components.

  • High Gain Signal Amplifier
  • Outside Antenna
  • Inside Antenna
  • Coax Cable

The outside antenna sends and receives the cell signal from your service provider's tower. The signal is amplified then rebroadcasted inside the building. The Inside and Outside antennas are connected to the amplifier with coax cable. Larger areas can be covered by installing additional inside antennas and/or additional systems.

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Popular Cellular Signal Booster Systems For Buildings

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