Straight Talk Signal Boosters

Straight Talk Signal Boosters

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As Straight Talk advertises, they use multiple service provider networks for their service. What network they are using is device dependent. For example, a Hotspot may work on AT&T Wireless network for it's 4G LTE service and a cell phone may work on Sprint's network. This can pose a problem when selecting a signal booster system. We've simplified your selection by offering systems that cover multiple service providers all in one package.

For cellular phone voice calls and 3G Internet, you can select a 3G signal booster system for Straight Talk. Our 3G systems work with all cellular networks in the U.S. For 4G service, the right system will depend on which device you are using. weBoost 4G signal boosters will improve the signal for AT&T & Verizon 700MHz LTE network, T-Mobile's 1700/2100MHz 4G network and Sprint's 1900MHz G Band. If you are unsure, contact Straight Talk customer service to see what network your device uses.

HotSpots, Home Phone & USB Modems

We offer additional signal improvement options for Straight Talk Internet (Mobile HotSpots, USB Modems) and Home Phone devices as well. Depending on the device, we may have less expensive but effective options such as directly connecting an external antenna to it.

Options for your particular device


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