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WiFi Signal Improvement

WiFi Antennas, Data Cards, Access Points

Are you suffering from dead spots and limited range on your home local area network? We boost WiFi signals and offer a wide variety of products and solutions to fit your situation!

Focus your signal so the WiFi power is stronger where you need it.

Most WiFi antennas that come with WiFi Data Cards, Routers and Access Points are low-gain, omni-directional antennas. That means they send signal equally in all directions. Wouldn't it be nice to focus that WiFi signal so it stronger where you actually use it? Now it's easy with our WiFi antenna options

TURN UP THE JUICE With High-Powered WiFi Booster Cards & Access Points.

The typical wireless router and built-in laptop WiFi puts out around 40 milli watts of power. Our rugged, yet low-cost systems put out much more milliwatts of power! For reliable indoor use or long-range outdoor use, we have the devices you need to maximize your signal and bandwidth.

Need Help on Wi-Fi Networking? Visit our Wi-Fi Resources Page.

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