Sprint Overdrive Pro Signal Boosters

Sprint Overdrive Pro Signal Boosters

Sprint Overdrive Pro Cellular Signal Boosters

You can boost the reception of your Sprint Overdrive hotspot with an external antenna or powered signal booster. Adding an external to  will improve cellular reception which will improve data transfer speeds.

3G & 4G Frequencies.

Typically Sprint currently uses 1900MHz for 3G signal and 2500MHz WiMAX frequency for 4G signal. When selecting an antenna, match the frequency range of the antenna you're considering to the frequency used by your service provider in your area.

For 4G frequency, we recommend the Wilson Wide Band Directional antenna or a Wilson Panel antenna.

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  1. Wilson Mobile Pro Signal Booster System

    Wilson 460113 Mobile Professional Signal Booster

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price: $179.95

    Perfect cellular booster for travel. Use in cars, trucks, hotels, home or office. Boost 2G & 3G Internet too! 460113

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  2. TS-9 Antenna Adapter Sierra Wireless Air Card 890

    Sierra Wireless AC 890/802/Overdrive/Pro Antenna Adapter FME M


    TS-9 external antenna adapter with FME Male connector. Fits SierraWireless AirCard 890, AirCard 802s, Sprint Overdrive and Overdrive Pro. Requires cellular antenna (not included).

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  3. Sprint Overdrive Pro Antenna Plus Adapter

    SierraWireless Overdrive / Pro Ext Antenna Bundle

    As low as: $35.92

    Combine Adapter and Select Antenna

    "View Details" to Select: Adapter, Antenna, Cable and other options. Save when you buy the External Antenna Adapter and a Cellular Antenna that work with Sierra Wireless AirCard 801s, AirCard 802s, Sprint Overdrive & Overdrive Pro Mobile Hotspot.

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  4. Wilson Mobile 4G

    Wilson Mobile 4G Signal Booster Kit 460108

    Regular Price: $399.95

    Special Price: $348.99

    The Signal Booster That Keeps You Touch & More Productive On The Road

    • Wilson’s Most Powerful Mobile Cell Signal Booster,
    • Reduce or Eliminate Dropped Calls in Dead Zones,
    • Boosts 2G, 3G & 4G Speeds For Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & Others,
    • Easy Installation in Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats,
    • Complete Kit - Antennas, Amplifier, Cable, Power Supply,
    • From Wilson Electronics - The Leader In Cell Signal Booster Systems.

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  5. Wilson 460101 DT4G Desktop Cellular Signal Booster

    Wilson 460101 DT4G Desktop Cellular Signal Booster

    Regular Price: $379.95

    Special Price: $348.99

    When your require a better signal for 4G Internet AND making & receiving calls - Wilson DT4G Signal Booster - Desktop Cellular Signal Booster. Great for Small areas - Several Rooms, Around Desk or Work Area, Workshop, etc. Perfect for home office, living area, apartment, dorm, cabin, temporary building, etc. For cell phones, 2G, 3G, 4G cellular modems, Hotspots / MiFi devices. 460101

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  6. Wilson PRO Quint 4G Booster Kit

    Wilson AG Pro 70 4G Quint Building Signal Booster Dir Antenna Kit 461104

    Regular Price: $899.99

    Special Price: $769.95

    Large Building Cell Phone & 4G Internet Signal Booster with Directional Antenna. Improve your cell phone signal for all US Cellular Service Providers and 4G data speeds for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile. comes with AG Pro Quint Amplifier, Outdoor Directional Antenna, Indoor Panel Antenna, 60ft. Cable, 75ft. Cable. 461104 (formerly 803670)

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