Wilson WideBand Directional Antenna +20ft Cable & HotSpot TS-9 Adapter

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Wilson WideBand Directional Antenna PLUS 20 Foot RG-58 Cable PLUS TS-9 Adapter. The TS-9 Adapter Fits Most HotSpots, MiFi devices with TS-9 Ports.
  • Wilson Yagi Directional Antenna With 20 foot Cable & TS-9 Adapter
  • TS-9 / SMA Female Adapter
  • Yagi Building Antenna
  • Pointing A Building Antenna
  • Building Antenna U Bolt
  • Building Antenna Bracket
  • Building Antenna Radiation Pattern
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Wilson Directional Antenna + 20 Foot Cable + TS-9 Adapter

Connect This Antenna To Devices With TS-9 Ports Such As Many Hot Spots, Mifi & Other Devices

This kit combines a Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna PLUS a 20 Foot RG-58 Cable Plus TS-9 Adapter. The TS-9 Adapter allows you to connect the antenna to most Hot Spots with TS-9 Ports. Great for improving the cell signal to cellular device with a TS-9 Port such as a Hot Spot.

TS-9 Adapter Fits ...

This Directional Antenna Kit works with many hot spot devices that have TS-9 connectors (external antenna or test ports).

Some of the more popular devices the TS-9 Adapter fits includes:

AT&T Netgear 4G Nighthawk M1, MR1100, Nighthawk 5G MR5100 & MR5200, AT&T Unite Explore AC815s, AT&T MF985 Velocity 2, sprint Inseego MiFi 8000, Netgear LB1120, Netgear LB2120, Netgear AC791L, Zing 771S, Novatel MiFi 4510L, 4620L, 4620LE, 7730L, 8800L.

*** Important: Verify that the frequency your device is using matches the frequencies this antenna supports (see frequencies below). 

About The Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna

Wilson's Wide Band Log Periodic Directional Antenna collects the cell tower signal and sends it through the cable to your device, 

Wilson Yagi Antenna Features:

  • High-gain In Cellular, 3G & 4G Frequencies
  • Directional - Point It Towards Your Providers Nearest Cell Tower
  • U-Bolt Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weather resistant

Cable: 20 Foot RG-58 Cable With N Male connector (For Antenna) on one end and SMA Male connector (For Your Device) on the other.

TS-9 Adapter - Connects to devices with TS-9 ports.

Warning: Lightning protection is recommended for all installations (Wilson Surge Protector 859902). Take extreme care to ensure that neither you nor the antenna comes near any electric power lines.

Antenna Package Contents

  • Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna -  L Bracket, 2 - U-Bolts with Pipe Brackets, 4 - 1/4” Split-Lock Washers, 4 - 1/4”-20 nuts. 
  • 20 Foot RG-58 Cable with N Female & SMA Male Connectors,
  • TS-9 Cable With SMA Female Connector

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prop 65 symbolWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Wilson Wide Band Directional Antenna Specifications

  • Frequency 700-800 MHz - Gain: 7.3 dBi
  • Frequency 824-894 MHz  -Gain: 8.1 dBi
  • Frequency 880-960 MHz - Gain: 7.4 dBi
  • Frequency 1710-1880 MHz - Gain: 9.2 dBi
  • Frequency 1850-1990 MHz - Gain: 10.6
  • Frequency 2110-2700 MHz - Gain: 10.4 dBi
  • Horizontal Beam width: 70° to 90°
  • Vertical Beam width: 85° to 110°
  • F/B ratio: >20 dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Maximum Power: 100 watts
  • Antenna Connector: N-Female
  • Dimension: 11.42” x 8.27” x 2.56” In / 290 x 210 x 65 mm
  • Weight: 3.31 lbs / 1.5 Kg
  • Temperature Range: -40° to 158° F / -40° to 70° centigrade
  • Rated Wind Velocity: 134 MPH / 60 m/s
  • Lightning Protection: DC grounded
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4 Reviews

  • 4
    Wilson wideband

    Posted by Tom on 14th Oct 2020

    I have spent a lot of money try to find a way to boost my signal. I am so happy I found and bought this antenna!. I live in the Rocky Mts. And getting any kind of service here is virtually impossible. My signal went from no to sometimes 1 bar to 3 sometimes 4 bars. I was able to remove my modem from The only window that I could get service and run the line out to the side of my house. I now have the modem in a spot that improves my wifi throughout the house. The only reason this is not 5 stars is i had to engineer a way to mount this on the side of my house, (straight to the trim) i wish it came with different mount options.

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Dustin on 29th Sep 2020

    The antenna looks unassuming, but it's bigger than I expected. It made my signal go from only sometimes there, to 4-5 bars. Couldn't be happier with it.

  • 5
    Wide Band Antenna

    Posted by JB on 8th Sep 2020

    Actually not only do I want to keep the antenna, I want to order another one. I was surprised today when I decided to do some more testing. I had the antenna outside and tried many configurations etc. over the past couple weeks. Today I decided to try the attic to exhaust all possibilities and see if I could avoid mounting outside, and I’ve been testing different antennas, yours and some from another company. To my surprise, the Wilson antenna I got from alternative got the best signal when using only one antenna, and surprisingly worked far better in the attic than it did outside. Perhaps there are fewer trees in the line of sight at that location compared to my outside testing?

  • 4
    Wilson Wideband Directional Antenna

    Posted by Calvin Hornsby on 8th Aug 2020

    Would have gotten 5 star rating had it come with a tower map and slightly longer TS-9 cable. Overall excellent product

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