weBoost Drive 4G-S Mobile Cellular Signal Booster System

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NOTE: The weBoost Drive 4G-S has been replaced by the better performing weBoost Drive Sleek Signal Booster.




• weBoost's Most Affordable Voice & 4G Internet Mobile System

• Ideal Mobile Companion in Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats
• Boost Signals For Cellular Calls, 3G & 4G Internet
• Easy & Quick Installation
• Works For AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & Others
• Works 1 Cellular Device - Cell Phone, Hotspot, MiFi, iPhone

weBoost Drive 4G-S Signal Booster System

The weBoost Drive 4G-S Signal Booster is a more affordable voice and 4G Internet mobile signal booster system. It improves your cellular coverage no matter your service provider in the United States and Canada. When your cellular mobile device is placed in the convenient booster cradle, the Drive 4G-S will amplify the cellular signal, providing the coverage you deserve for essential voice and data connections. The Drive 4G-S keeps you in touch on the road and even boosts your 4G Internet for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others. A simple booster solution to maintain continuous communication for all cellular-enabled devices including, cell phones, iPhone, BlackBerry, smartphones, tablets, Hotspots, MiFi devices, cellular data USB cards, cellular routers, etc.

Service Providers Covered

Image Of Cellular Carrier Logos

The weboost Drive 4G-S covers all carriers in North America using 800MHz and 1900MHz for phone calls as well as 3G Internet. It also covers most 4G frequencies.

  • All Carriers In North America - 800MHz, 1900MHz, 3G Internet
  • AT&T 4G 700MHz LTE
  • Verizon 4G 700MHz LTE
  • T-Mobile 4G 700MHz LTE & 1700/2100MHz
  • Sprint 1900MHz G 

Versitle Arm Adjustments

The arms on the Drive 4G-S can be adjusted to hold devices up to 3.25 inches wide. One or both arms can be removed and an elastic band (not included) can by used to hold wider devices.


  • weBoost Drive 4G-S Amplifier
  • Outside Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • Vehicle Dash 


    Mounting Bracket

  • Cigarette Lighter Power Supply
  • Installation Guide


  • A better cellular signal to 1 device
  • Stay In Touch - fewer dropped calls & lost connections
  • Stay productive on the road
  • Faster 4G Internet speeds
  • Increase battery life with a stronger signal - Up to 2 hours longer talk time


Installing the Drive 4G-S is fast & easy. If you're handy with a few hand tools, installation is easy. It involves mounting the outside antenna, running cable to the amplifier (usually mounted under the driver seat) then running cable from the amplifier to the inside antenna. Here is more information on Mobile Booster Installation Instructions with a Video.


  • Mount Drive 4G-S Cradle Inside Vehicle
  • Install Outside Antenna on Vehicle Roof
  • Run Antenna Cable Inside Vehicle and Connect to Drive 4G-S
  • Connect Amplifier Power Supply and Plug Into Cigarette LighterA step-by-step installation guide and video will walk you through the process. The antennas communicate with both cellular devices and your service provider's cell tower for the strongest, most powerful signal possible.

weBoost brings you seamless, uninterrupted cellular connectivity in your home or workspace. Your cell phone is an essential part of your life. You depend on it to stay connected to everything important - family, friends, work.

 More Information & Specs

 weBoost Drive 4G-S Installation Guide


Product # U700007 - 460022




"What the weBoost is meant to do, it does quite well. Traveling out into the desert a bit, I found that areas where my phone wasn’t cradled were now fully covered with a blissful full bar signal and 4g LTE like never before. The weBoost Drive 4G-S has a few crushing quality of life flaws that need to be addressed in its next iteration, but as a device for improving cell coverage in otherwise “dead” areas, it gets the job done with pesto.




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