Connecting Antenna Adapter

Connecting Antenna Adapter

Connecting Antennas To Your Mobile Phone  or Data Card

antenna adapterAn external cell phone antenna can help improve the reception of your cellular or digital phone or cellular data card by moving the wireless signal away from your head (your head can block a considerable amount of signal) and by changing and/or increasing your antenna's radiation pattern.

Where do I connect an antenna to my phone?

Many cellular phones are equipped with RF ports which enable you to connect an external antenna directly to your phone. RF ports may be located on the back, bottom, top or side of your cell phone. Unfortunately some phones have  no port that would enable to attach an external antenna to. (The use of a wireless repeater type system would be recommended in this case.)

Cellular Data Cards - Faster Data Speeds

Improving the signal to your Mobile Broadband Data Card can mean faster data transfer speeds! Most cellular mobile Data Card and Antenna Adapterbroadband data cards are equipped with an external RF port that allows you to connect an antenna or amplifier to it. The adapter plugs into the adapter port on the end of the cellular data card or plugs in as an antenna replacement. Check the model for a specific adapter type. We have adapters for Sierra Wireless, Novatel Merlin, Option, Pantech, UTStarcom and other data cards.

Where can I find these External Antenna Adapters?

The best way to find the right adapter for your phone or data card is to use the menu on the left to find your phone's make and model or go to our complete list. If an External Antenna Adapter exists for your phone, you will find it on your phone's accessory web page. We have also put together kits for our most popular antennas that include the antenna and the proper External Antenna Adapter.

What type of connectors do antennas have?

Antennas come equipped with standard connectors such as TNC Male, Mini-UHF Male and FME Female.cellular-antennas-2.jpg

What are some ways to attach an antenna to my phone?

A few phones (such as Motorola Bag Phones) come equipped with a standard connector. Nothing else is needed. However, most phone RF connectors are not standard so they require an adapter.

What if my phone (or data card) does not have a standard connector?

There are installable hands free kits that come with antenna adapters that will fit one of these standard antennas. There are also External Antenna Adapters (or RF Adapters) that allow you to attach an antenna directly to your phone. This type of adapter is usually a short thin wire with a connector to your phone on one end and a standard antenna connector (TNC Female, Mini-UHF Female or FME Male) on the other.

Universal Signal Amplifiers

vehicle-signalbooster.jpgAnother option is a universal amplifier that does not require your device to have an RF antenna port.

  • Wilson SignalBoost Universal
  • Portable Amplifiers for Home, Office or Vehicle
  • Fixed Location Amplifiers for Home, Office, Warehouse, Hanger, etc.

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