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Boat Signal Boosters

weboost reseller badge imageWe offer a variety of methods to improve the cellular reception in your boat, ship, yacht or tug.

Improve Cellular Reception on the Water
Boat, Ship, Yacht, Barge, Tugboat

Getting a better cell signal in your vessel is like improving the signal in other vehicles. A standard system will have an antenna on the outside connected to a cellular amplifier. An antenna on the inside connects to the amplifier. The system will take the cell signal outside the cabin, amplify it, then rebroadcast inside.

We Can Help Boaters: Reduce Dropped or Missed Calls, Speed Up 3G & 4G Internet, Make Calls Offshore Where You Couldn't Before.

Feel free to contact us if you require assistance is finding a solution to your cellular signal improvement challenge. We are always happy to help with expert advice and support.

Signal Boosters for Boats, Ships, Tugs, Yachts

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