Verizon USB730L Antennas Signal Boosters

Verizon USB730L Antennas Signal Boosters

Verizon U620l With Antenna

Improving the cellular reception to your Novatel Verizon USB730L can mean faster Internet speeds. In general, the better the cell signal, the faster your Internet speeds.

We offer several options to improve the reception of your Verizon USB730L. Choose from simply attaching an external antenna directly to the mobile device, add a cellular amplifier or select a wireless amplifier to improve reception without physical connections to your device. Read our blog post on 4 Ways To Boost The Cell Signal To Your USB Modem.


  • Attach External Antenna
  • Use a Powered Signal Booster System

Attaching an external antenna to the Verizon USB730L can increase the signal considerable compared with the built in USB730L antenna. For best performance, the external antenna should be placed where the cell signal is the best such as outside, near a window or outside wall. The ideal antenna is directional and can be pointed at the nearest Verizon cell tower.

Powered signal booster systems can be used to boost the cell signal to the USB730L without a direct connection to the device. 4G systems are available for small to large areas. Mobile systems are available for cars, trucks and other vehicles.