Coax Connectors Adapters

Coax Connectors Adapters

We stock coax cable connectors and screw adapters and connector converters. Find crimp-on and screw on coax cable connectors and adapter. We stock FME, N Type, SMA, TNC & others.

Connector Gender - Male or Female?

For coax cable used in cellular antennas and booster systems, coax connector gender is many times different than nuts & bolts. Since coax cable has 2 strings of wire (the shield and the core), gender is determined by the middle (core) wire. If you look at a connector and it has a pin in the middle, it's a male. If the connector has a hole in the middle, it's a female. Well, except for Reverse Polarity (see below).

  • Pin in Middle - Male
  • Hole in Middle - Female

The coax connector on the left is an SMA Male connector. Note the pin in the middle.Coax Connectors

Reverse Polarity Connectors

To confuse things further, Reverse Polarity (RP) connectors are typically used for Wireless LAN (WiFi 2.4/5 GHZ) antennas & systems. The middle pin is the "reverse" of the connectors used in cellular systems. They will have the treading (inside or outside) the same however the pin / hole will be reversed. For example, a regular SMA Male Connector with have a pin in the middle and threads on the inside. A Reverse Polarity (RP) SMA Male will have the same threads on the inside but will have a hole in the middle. See pictures below.

Here is a link to pictures of common coax connectors.

Coax Connectors