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Magnetic Mount Antennas

image of magnetic mount antenna

Magnetic mount antennas are commonly used for car and truck applications. The antenna's magnetic base sticks securely to the metal of the vehicle. The metal surface of the car acts as a ground plane to bounce the signal. Since magnetic mount antennas require a ground plane, they should be mounted on metal. Magnetic mount antennas are very versatile and portable as they can be used not only in vehicles but in the home or office as well. Many mount these antennas to file cabinets, cookie sheets, or other simple to fabricate metal surfaces.

Shop our selection of mag mount cellular antennas. Magnetic mount antennas can be used directly attached to your cell phone or mobile broadband cellular card or attached to an amplifier. Use as a portable antenna or part of a portable cellular amplifier system and move from vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to home or office. We carry frequency tuned multi band antennas as well as more narrowly tuned single band antennas for what ever your cellular application requires.

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