Glass Mount Antennas

Glass Mount Antennas

We stock a variety of high performance glass mount cellular antennas. Glass mount antennas are typically used in vehicles on single pain glass. The consist of 2 pieces, the antenna base and whip which is mounted outside the vehicle and the cable and base mounted to the glass inside the vehicle. The signal is passed through the glass the antenna is attached too. Glass mount antennas are not for building windows are these are typically double pane which will interfere with the signal passing from the base outside to the inside base.

Mounting Glass Mount Cellular Antennas

Glass Mount antennas should be mounted on clean glass that is not tinted, double pane or contains metal (passivated) as on some vehicles. Do not mount over heater coils.

  • Wilson 311102 15in Glass Mount Antenna SMA Male *DISCONTINUED

    Wilson 311102 15in Glass Mount Antenna SMA Male *DISCONTINUED

    Wilson Antennas

    Wilson 15 inch Glass Mount Cell Antenna is mounted using 3M adhesive. The whip with antenna base is mounted outside the vehicle and the mount with cable attached is mounted directly opposite on the inside of the vehicle glass. Comes with SMA Male...
  • Wilson Remount Kit For Glass Mount Antennas 991115

    Wilson Electronics

    Glass Mount Antenna Remount Kit. For Wilson Glass Mount Antenna (301102) or Mini Glass Mount Antenna (301114). The package comes with: Alcohol pad, 3M VHB Adhesive strips for inside and outside.
    Short Description:
    Remount Kit for Wilson Glass Mount Antennas.