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Machine To Machine Signal Boosters

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Vending Machines, ATMs, Remote Monitoring Stations, Vehicles

Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless communications are growing at a rapid rate. The locations of these devices usually presents the challenge of getting a good wireless signal.

Some locations challenges are:

  • Rural Areas
  • Inside Buildings that block signals
  • Mobile – Moving in and out of signal areas

Alternative Wireless provides signal boosters and antennas that help tackle these challenges. We can connect an external antenna to just about every wireless modem that uses cellular – 2G, 3G or 4G.

We also carry powered signal boosters including a small booster made specifically for M2M applications – The Wilson DataPro M2M Signal Booster.

Visit our web site for a full range of signal booster options.

M2M Signal Boosters & Antennas

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