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Verizon AC791L External Antenna And Adapter

Verizon AC791L Mobile Magnetic Mount Antenna Plus Adapter Kit

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  • Product Description

    Wilson 5dBi Magnet Mount Antenna PLUS External Antenna Adapter for Verizon AC791L Hotspot. Boost the cell signal to your Verizon AC791L Jetpack MiFi device with the external antenna kit. A better cell signal can mean faster Internet speeds.

    How To Use

    To use this external antenna is easy.

    • Turn off your AC791L Hotspot device.
    • Mount the Antenna close to an outside window in buildings or on the roof of a vehicle.
    • Attach the external antenna adapter to the antenna cable connector.
    • Plug the external antenna adapter into the RF port on the MiFi device.

    Antenna Placement

    The antenna should be mounted on a piece of metal (over 3-inch diameter is best) which will act as a ground plane to bounce the signal. For buildings, consider the Wilson Window Mount with Suction Cups to stick on a window. For vehicles, mount outside, on the metal roof.

    Antenna Kit Includes:

    • Wilson 3db (5dbi) Magnetic Mount Antenna,
    • External Antenna Adapter (approximately 18").

    About The Wilson Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna

    The Wilson Magnet Mount Cell Phone Antenna was carefully designed to minimize loss and maximize gain in 700MHz, 800 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2100MHz bands. It is about 12 inches tall and includes a small magnetic base. It comes with 10 feet of cable and has an FME Female connector. More Antenna Information.

    The External Antenna Adapter is approximately 18 inches long with an FME Male connector on one end and a connector the Novatel 4510L on the other.

    WARNING - Please Read - To purchase this product, you must read this notice and agree to buy and use this product at your risk. Although it's rare, using this external antenna adapter can damage your device and void its warranty. When an external antenna adapter is inserted into the port on your mobile device, your device's antenna is disconnected so that your device can receive a signal through an external antenna. When you remove the adapter, your device's antenna should reconnect. If it does not, your device will show a weak or no signal and no service. No signal could indicate that the switch that connects and reconnects the adapter is damaged or stuck. Despite the adapter manufacturer's testing, some devices may have weak ports and be damaged using this product. Damage may also be caused by pushing adapters in too far, twisting the connector when inserting or removing and by pulling on the adapter cable.

    As an alternative, we recommend a powered signal booster that does not require a connection to your devices RF port. These signal boosters will perform better than just an antenna directly connected to your device without the risk of plugging in an antenna adapter.

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