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cellular signal improvement

Are you plagued by bad cell phone reception? Slow data speeds caused by a weak cellular signal?

We Are Cellular Signal Improvement Experts!

Increase your cell phone signal strength with our complete line of external cell phone antennas, power boosters and cellular repeater systems. We are a Wilson Electronics Authorized Retailer. We offer Wilson's full line of cellular antennas, amplifiers, parts and accessories. Improve signal for all major carriers including AT&T, Nextel, Rogers, SouthernLinc, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and others.


Boost the signal in your Car, Truck, Home, Small Office or Large Office Building



In Building Cellular Repeater Systems

building cellular repeater system

Get A Better Signal Inside Your Building!

Building cellular repeater systems greatly improve signal strength inside a building. It does this while allowing you to walk around freely during a call. Advanced electronics are very sensitive and able to receive small signals which would go undetected by most cellular phones. The signal is received by an outside antenna, amplified, then repeated to an inside antenna where it is picked up by your cell phone and/or mobile broadband card. We have complete systems as well as accessories.

Home . Office . Warehouse . Hanger

  • Covers Larger Areas
  • Boosts Cell Phones & Cellular Broadband Data Cards
  • No Connection to Phone Required
  • Systems for Alltel, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and others.



Vehicle & Portable Cell Phone Signal Boosters

vehicle and portable amplifier systems

Car . Truck . RV . Home . Office . Hotel

Wireless Mobile Amplifiers (Repeaters) and accessories provide the benefit of an external cell phone antenna and 3 watt amplifier WITHOUT a physical connection to your phone or PC Card. It even allows multiple phones or cellular PC Cards to be used simultaneously. Use in your car, truck, RV, home or office.

Get A Better Cell Signal On The Go!

  • Small Area Coverage
  • Portable - Home, Office, Car, Truck RV
  • Cell Phones & Cellular Mobile Broadband Data Cards
  • Boosters for Alltel, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and others.



Machine To Machine Signal Boosters

Vending Machine Signal Booster

Many of today's vending machines, ATMs, remote monitoring systems and vehicle monitoring systems communicate by using cellular broadband modems.Often times machines are placed in areas where the cellular signal is weak. Sometimes the metal the machine is made of blocks cellular signal. 

We offer signal boosters that can improve the cellular reception to the broadband modems used in vending machines, ATMs, vehicle monitoring systems and remote location monitoring systems. Pretty much any place a cellular broadband modem is used.

Better Signal - Faster, More Reliable Data Transfer Speeds!

Better mobile broadband reception means faster data speeds.  We offer options as simple as attaching an external antenna to your PC Card up to improving the mobile broadband signal throughout a building for multiple users.

  • Vending Machines
  • ATMs
  • Remote Monitoring Stations
  • Vehicle Monitoring Systems
  • Cellular Data Cards
  • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon & Others


Mobile Broadband Data Card Signal Improvement

Mobile Broadband Card with External AntennaWe've been improving cellular reception for mobile phones for over a decade. The same technology can be used to improve the reception of your mobile broadband cards from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and others.

Improve Your Mobile Internet Speed!

Broad Band Data CardBetter mobile broadband reception means faster data speeds. Looking for a 3g booster or EVDO antenna? We offer options as simple as attaching an external antenna to your PC Card up to improving the mobile broadband signal throughout a building for multiple users.

  • Cellular Data Cards
  • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon & Others
  • Sierra Wireless, Novatel Merlin, Audiovox, UTStarcom, Kyocera


Cell Phone Antennas

cell phone antennasWe offer a large selection of cell phone antennas and antenna accessories including building and mobile antennas. We offer cellular antennas and accessories from Wilson Electronics, Larsen, C5, Antenna World and others. Whether you're looking for an antenna to attach to your phone or mobile data card, amplifier or building repeater system, we are sure to have what you need.

The Perfect Antenna

  • Building & Mobile Antennas
  • Magnetic Mount Antennas
  • Glass Mount Antennas
  • Building Antennas
  • Yagi Antennas
  • Directional Antennas


WiFi Signal Improvement

wifi signal improvementAre you suffering from dead spots and limited range on your home wireless network? We have the solutions to fit your situation. For the ultimate in WiFi signal improvement accessories try one of our WiFi antennas, Access Points or high powered Wi-Fi card.

Focus your signal so the WiFi power is stronger where you need it.

Most antennas that come with WiFi products are low-gain, omni-directional antennas. That means they send signal equally in all directions. Wouldn't it be nice to focus that signal so it stronger where you actually use it? Now it's easy with our wide selection of WiFi antennas.


Wilson DirectConnect Power Booster

cell phone signal boosters

For the ultimate in signal improvement, try the Wilson Direct Connect Power Booster. The Wilson cellular direct connect connects directly to your cell phone. This 3 Watt cell phone antenna booster accessories and can boost cell phone signals and increase your cellular phone coverage up to 50 miles with up to 3 watts of power.

Connect Your Cellular Phone or Modem To More Power!

A direct connect power booster will greatly reduce disconnects, dropouts and noise as well as eliminating microwave energy radiating into your head. Your phone will use less battery power with the improved signal giving you longer talk and standby times. Use the a direct connect power booster for Sprint and Verizon EV-DO Wireless Broadband PC Cards as well. For use in a vehicle, home or office.


Yagi Directional Antennas

yagi antennasyagi directional antenna cellular digitalYagi antennas are high gain, directional antennas. They work best when a location has direct, unobstructed line of sight to the cellular service provider's nearest tower. A Yagi Antenna will be a great performer. They are used in fixed locations such as buildings, homes, warehouses, etc. Because of their higher gain and directional radiation pattern, they should not be used on moving vehicles.

Direct Power Where You Want!

Read Installing A Yagi Antenna | What's a Yagi?


Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Antennas

cellular antennasWilson Electronics is a leader in the wireless communications industry. They are committed to bringing you phone antenna products and accessories with the highest performance possible. Wilson manufactures a variety of dual band cell phone antennas including:


External Cell Phone Antenna Adapters

cell phone antenna cables

External antenna adapters allow you connect antennas and DirectConnect amplifiers directly to your cell phone or mobile broadband data card.

Connect Antenna and/or Amplifier Directly to Device


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