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RV Signal Boosters

weboost authorized reseller badge imageAn RV cellular signal booster system is a must for those that travel in rural areas. They can keep you in touch and keep you productive. We offer a variety of methods for improving the cellular signal. Whether it be inside your RV, Travel Trailer, Van, Panel Truck, Cargo Van or other larger vehicle.

Improve Cellular Reception In Recreational Vehicles, Panel Trucks, Cargo Vans

We Can Help RVers

  • End Dropped or Missed Calls.
  • Speed Up Cellular Internet
  • Make Calls in Rural Areas
  • Stay In Touch & Stay Productive

Whether on a construction site, rally, special event, vacationing or in the oil field, we can help. Multiple users or just one, we are sure to have the solution for you.

Have special needs for your RV or large vehicle? Feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to help.

RV Signal Booster System Recommendations

Not every RV or RVer is the same. We know this so we have put together several system options. Our selection includes a variety of antennas and antenna mounting options to match different needs. These include hole mounts and clamp mount antennas. Here are a few of our more popular RV Systems.

weBoost RV 4G System - For Use When Parked Only (Not For Moving Vehicles)

image of weboost rv signal-booster system diagram

The weBoost RV 4G system covers a larger area inside your RV than mobile systems. This system comes complete with Indoor Desktop Antenna, Outdoor Directional Antenna, Power Supplies (Both Wall Outlet and Power Port) and 4G Cellular Amplifier. This system should be used when you are parked only. The directional antenna it comes with works best when pointed towards your nearest service providers tower. See below systems to use while moving.

weBoost RV 4G
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weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Mobile System

image of weboost drive 4gx otr install diagram

We offer several different weBoost Drive 4G-X configurations (see below for more) with different outside antennas & mounting options. The Drive 4G-X is weBoost's most powerful mobile 4G cellular amplifier. It's a popular signal booster for RVs and Trucks. It's perfect for those that travel mostly in areas where their signal is very weak. It picks up signals from towers further away than other amplifiers. It comes with the Wilson 4G OTR Truck Antenna. The antenna includes a 3-Way Mount for mounting the antenna on mirrors, ladders, poles, etc.


weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR
System Information

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More RV, Panel Truck, Cargo Van Signal Booster Systems

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